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Where I Stand

Constitution: Vijay is a supporter of our constitution and believes in defending it for the people of Michigan.  He took the oath over three decades ago as an American citizen to defend and obey the Constitution of the United States and feels very proud, passionate, and strongly about the Constitutional rights of the American people.  He believes without these rights, America would not be the land of the free or the land of opportunity.  If legislation is not constitutional Vijay will fight for the people and vote ďnoĒ if no resolution can be found.


Life:  Vijay is pro-life and believes in the sanctity of every life from conception until natural death.  As a father of three daughters, he knows that life is a gift from God and that children are a blessing and not an inconvenience.  Vijay believes we must be a voice for those who cannot defend themselves, and we must work harder to expand a better alternative such as adoption that is more affordable to a loving family.


Guns: As a lifelong outdoorsman, life member of NRA, and founding member of Ogemaw Hills Sportsman Association, and gun owner himself, Vijay is a strong defender of the 2nd amendment and believes everyone has the fundamental right to defend his life, liberty, family and property and the right to bear arms should never be encroached upon.


Jobs: The top priority for Northern Michigan is having an economy that allows people to live, work, and raise their families here.  For too long our children and grandchildren had to leave the area to seek work. Vijay is a small business owner employing over 100 employees in Northern Michigan.  Vijay knows first-hand how burdensome regulations and government interference can prevent economic growth and development.  He understands the difficulty small business owners have getting a trained workforce.  We need to equip community colleges and tech centers with training programs that prepare workers for todayís new careers and rapid changes as we move through the 21st century economy.


Agriculture:  Michiganís second largest industry is agriculture and Vijay is committed to protecting Michiganís family farms and the dollars generated each year by agriculture. Being a member of Michigan Farm Bureau, Vijay is constantly receiving the most up to date information so he can protect the rights of our farmers.


Manufacturing: Vijay believes that creating a fair regulatory and tax environment will put Michigan on the map as the hotspot destination for locating a manufacturing operation while keeping the manufacturing companies already located in Northern Michigan from leaving.


Roads: Vijay believes itís time to get serious about fixing our roads.  Northern Michigan has too many roads that people live on that are not being attended to. Without raising taxes we can utilize the funds already available by dedicating dollars from the state general fund.  We should increase fees for new and hybrid cars so they are on par with gasoline tax rates.  We should ensure taxpayers get the best deal on road work through competitive bidding and warranties.  By prioritizing funding without raising taxes Northern Michigan roads will be safer and more attractive for tourist which will boost the economy.


Energy Independence: Vijay believes we must explore diverse energy solutions that strengthen Northern Michiganís economy.  We must do this without government mandates that interfere with the marketplace and harm private sector jobs. Vijay supports the oil and gas industry in Michigan because it means more jobs, and it will produce the energy independence we need to keep our state and country secure.


Prevailing Wage: Vijay supports repealing Michiganís prevailing wage law that was enacted in 1965 requiring that state funded construction projects include paying a prevailing wage and fringe benefits. That law increases the cost of every government project.  We need to create a competitive bidding process for work on government projects that would both lower cost and save jobs.


Environment: As an avid outdoors man and public health degree holder, Vijay understands how the environment and public health go hand in hand. Vijay believes we must sustain wildlife, land, and waterways for our future by using proven scientific methods.  He supports reasonable environmental laws that do not infringe or impede on private property rights.  It is vital that we continue to promote tourism to protect Northern Michigan jobs.  We must also see to it that funds generated by outdoor sporting traditions are used to maintain those very same traditions for generations to come.


Education: Vijay is no stranger to education.  With three doctorate degrees he understands the importance of education and learning whether it be at the high school level, university, community college or vocational training. Vijay believes a good education is necessary for our children. Parents work hard and are entitled to knowing their children have access to a good education that prepares them for success in a career and in life.  Parents are responsible for making the best decisions for their childrenís education- not the government.  Parental choice, more control at the local level, higher standards, equal funding, and greater accountability, will help strengthen education.   We must also equip community colleges and tech centers with training programs that prepare our children and workers for todayís new careers.


Government:  The economy has forced people to live within their means and now is the time for government to do the same.  Vijay believes it is time to cut wasteful government spending, reduce the debt and end failed policies of the past.  For Northern Michigan to grow we need to strive to have lower tax burden on job providers and individuals.  Vijay will fight against unconstitutional federal mandates and realizes the federal government has been overstepping it boundaries and infringing on the individual states, resulting in over-regulation and higher taxes. He believes in local control and understands that local units of government are best suited to respond and be accessible to the people. Vijay is a believer in smaller government and supports limiting the time legislators spend outside their districts and redirecting their focus on the people they are elected to represent.


Healthcare:  As a medical professional, provider, consumer and seeing over 25,000 patients in Northern Michigan, Vijay sees the struggles the government has created for families to afford healthcare.  We must put our peopleís health before politics and make health insurance more innovative, portable and affordable.  We can do this by empowering patients with control over their health care dollars and health care decisions by lowering prices through more competitive rates, addressing pre existing conditions, and protecting Medicare for seniors.


Marriage:  Vijay is supporter of traditional marriage with the same traditional values he was raised with between a man and woman. His marriage of 23 years fell upon hard times and he fought to preserve the sanctity of marriage with his wife and things could not be better.  He believes in the vows he took and passionately upholds them with his wife.


Family: As a father of three daughters, Vijay knows the importance and value of strong families.  When families prosper, social problems and government dependency diminishes.  Vijay was raised where the whole family (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, in-laws, grandma and grandpa) sits down together for dinner.  He was raised where the whole family lives under one roof and takes care of each other.  Vijay still believes in those values is very devoted to his family, not just his wife and kids but his parents, grandparents, and extending families of friends, neighbors, and their families. He believes in bonding together and still harbors the old fashioned values in todayís society.  As State Representative, Vijay will be a strong voice for hardworking families.














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